Money Saving Hacks For College Students

Most college students live on a strict budget. Because of this, they have become masters of finding discounts. College students are always in the know of how to save money while still participating in all their desired activities. These cost-saving initiatives are very helpful and more students need to know about them. If you are a college student looking for easy ways to save, check out the hacks below.  

Student Discounts

Student discounts are price reductions specifically meant for students. This consists of discounts for stores, restaurants, electronics, entertainment, almost anything a student may need. These establishments are aware that students look for low-cost items and provide a means to help them. There are two ways a student can take advantage of these discounts. The first way is to personally go into a store or restaurant of choice and ask the manager if they offer student discounts. If they do, the student will need to provide proof. This could be their student ID. The second way to take advantage of these discounts is to go to Unidays and Student Beans and make an account. These sites are the most used by college students to receive all available online discounts. Click here to see a full list of places that offer great student discounts.

Never Pay Full Price

Student discounts are not the only way students can save yet still have fun. Groupon and Honey are utilized platforms that have endless discounts on activities, clothing, restaurants, takeout, and more. If you and your friends want to go to the movies, bowling, etc., Groupon provides great low rates for your group. Honey, on the other hand, is an application for your computer that you download. This app will provide you with all the promo codes available for the site you are on. These sites are made to help you save money. As a college student, it’s it's a good time to start building credit. Discover Credit Card is great for students. This card will provide you with cashback and $20 each school year for having good grades. It’s free to sign up and has no fees, but you must pay off your balance at the end of each month. This is an easy way to make money while you spend it. 

Free Textbooks 

Textbooks are required but are so expensive. That’s why college students find the cheaper alternative. You should never pay full price for a textbook. There are great websites that have textbooks students can rent or buy for a much lower cost; some are even free. This site Campus Books compares the price of all textbooks on different sites so you are guaranteed the best price. It also gives you the option to rent or sell books you do not need anymore. This is a great way to not only save by renting books but also make money by selling them. If you are looking for free textbooks, Library Genesis has many pdf versions available to download. If you are someone with a learning or physical disability, Bookshare provides free books for students who qualify. If you need a textbook fast and the only option is to go to your school's bookstore, find out if they price match. This means you find a discounted price online and the bookstore lets you purchase the textbook for that price. For example, if the textbook costs $50.00 at the bookstore, but you found it online for $25.00, the bookstores will match that price and let you purchase it for $25.00.

Sell Items

As mentioned before, students are able to easily sell textbooks they do not need anymore. It’s a great way to make extra cash. Students can also sell clothing, dorm room supplies, or any other items of value. Selling items you don’t need will not only open up more space but will also help you generate more money. Many students take advantage of Poshmark and eBay. These sites do charge small fees for listing an item and selling it on their platform, but it’s an easy and quick service to use. If you do not want to deal with any fees, many people create their own store through Instagram. They create an account specifically for selling their products. Each post will display the item and price. The only obstacle with this method is you will have to gain followers on your own so people will see your posts.

These tips and tricks need to be talked about more because very few college students know about them. They are here to help all students afford what they need in order to make the most of their experience. In addition to these saving initiatives, there are other easy steps students can take to reduce their bills. The first step is to live on-campus in the dorms. Living in the dorms is known to be a lot cheaper than living off-campus. Living off-campus comes with many other fees that are not expected. While living on campus, try to cook your meals rather than buy takeout every day. Groceries are more affordable and last longer. If you live on-campus, try to take public transportation. If you bring your car, you will continuously have to pay for gas. If you uber or taxi, there are normally high fees involved. Public transportation is affordable and will still get you where you need to be. The last step would be to take advantage of your school’s work-study opportunities. This is an on-campus job that works around your class schedule and pays you. It’s a great way to make some extra spending money. By following these hacks, you’ll be able to save more while still enjoying your college experience.

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