9 Hot Ways to Reduce Your Cooling Costs This Summer

The cost of utilities can severely impact incomes of any size. Heating/cooling, water, garbage/sewer, phone, and cable bills are often a hefty chunk of monthly budgets, and if they aren’t well controlled or monitored, it’s possible for them to eat a considerable amount of your financial resources.


One of the highest utility costs is cooling your home, and with Summer fast approaching enacting ways to lower this bill is imperative. Check out these 9 ways to reduce your cooling costs below.

1. Solar Panels

This choice isn’t for everyone; however, if you’re a homeowner, it’s one to consider. Having solar panels installed on your home’s roof can significantly reduce your power costs by harnessing some of the sun’s energy. Depending on the company you choose for installation, you’ll either need to purchase in full or lease your panels. Homeowners will see a big reduction in their electric bills and can sometimes even get a credit from their local power company.

2. Get a Check Up on You’re A/C Unit

An air conditioning unit that’s old or not running correctly can consume much more energy than is typically required to keep your home cool. Avoid paying more than you should to cool your home by having you’re A/C unit serviced at least once a year to make sure it’s in good running condition.

3. Make Sure Your Home is Sealed Properly

Nothing’s worse than using your home’s A/C unit to cool your home, only to have a significant amount escape through improperly sealed windows, walls, and doors. This will increase the amount of time your A/C has to run to cool the home, effectively increasing your energy bill significantly. Consider weather stripping your windows and doors to keep your air conditioning inside your home. It’s also beneficial to have your home’s wall insulation checked.

4. Adjust Your Thermostat

Leaving your thermostat set at the same temperature throughout the day, while your sleeping, and while you’re out can hurt your energy bill. Invest in a programmable thermostat if you don’t already have one and set your home’s cooling temperatures in accordance with the time of day. For instance, raise the temperature to a warmer setting during the times you know you won’t be home, so you aren’t paying to keep the house cool unnecessarily. Adjusting temperatures can also be helpful during cooler mornings and evenings.

5. Keep the Shades Drawn

Running your air conditioning while also letting the scorching summer sun peek through your blinds and curtains can have the opposite desired effect. Consider keeping the shades drawn during the day so the sun cannot heat your rooms and deplete you’re A/C.

6. Regularly Replace Filters

Regularly replacing your A/C unit’s filters will ensure the unit is working correctly and circulating healthy air within your home.

7. Get More Circulation with Ceiling Fans

Keeping the air moving within your home can help keep things cool without blasting the air conditioning. Try using ceiling fans or portable fans to keep your cooling bill down.

8. Get Your Ductwork Inspected

Being vigilant with the cooling of your home will be ineffective if your air ducts are clogged or leaking. If you’ve made adjustments to you’re A/C usage but aren’t seeing results, have a technician inspect your home’s air duct system for potential issues.

9. Request an Energy Audit

Bringing in the experts to help identify more ways you can save can be beneficial. Contact your local power company and request an energy audit be performed on your home. They will often conduct this inspection for free and can provide valuable tips to keep your energy usage down and save you money.

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