3 Surefire Ways To Find Local Housing Help

State Housing Finance Agencies

 There is a growing need for affordable and decent housing options in the United States.  There are several organizations working tirelessly to assure people in need are provided with housing assistance.  These organizations include each state's Housing Finance Agency that makes efforts to provide affordable housing to those who need it.

State Housing Finance Agencies are:

“State chartered authorities established to help meet the affordable housing needs of the residents of their states.” 

Most HFAs are independent organizations and provide a wide range of affordable housing and development programs. 

HFAS can be credited for: 

  • Providing affordable mortgages to 2.6 million families to buy their first homes.
  • Financing 2.9 million low and moderate income apartments.

As organizations that offer individuals with housing support and assistance, contacting your local HFAS can be hugely beneficial.  If you are looking to buy a home or rent an apartment, or are a homeowner needing help - your state’s HFA page is THE place to start.  Here you can read up on your options and tap into specific advantages offered in your area.

Visit here for a list of State Housing Finance Agencies

National Low Income Housing Coalition

Many states and some of the larger U.S. cities have turned to their own revenue to assist in funding low-income rental housing programs.  The National Low Income Housing Coalition has found over 300 active programs and has created a one of a kind resource that includes programs separate from those that are federally funded.  You can search that database here.


One of the best places to find help is in your own backyard.  Many of the local non-profits strive to improve their own communities and offer assistance to families and individuals in need of housing — including free counseling, homeownership classes, or help with renovations or repairs.  Nonprofits such as Neighborworks can help you locate organizations in your community.  Using their helpful directory,  you can search by your state, zip code or organization name and find all necessary contact information as well as website.  You can also ask around in your neighborhood.

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