10 Best Jobs For College Students

For many students, maintaining a part-time job while attending college is the only way they’re able to afford the sometimes tremendous tuition cost or be able to pay for basic living costs. Plus, students are able to get a head start on paying off that looming student loan debt. Because students have yet to obtain their degree, and because college and studying are time-consuming, finding a part-time job that pays well is essential.

Below are some of the best jobs for college students that we’ve procured for your reading. Take a look, you may find the inspiration you’ve needed to land the perfect part-time job.


Receptionist positions are often part-time and have an hourly pay average of $13.12. There is not usually too many pre-requisite requirements with this position, either.

Bank Teller

The average hourly salary for a bank teller is currently $12.17, which is pretty decent wages for a part-time position while in school. The requirements for bank tellers are not stringent, plus you get the added bonus of potentially learning something about money (finance majors pay attention!).


If you love working with kids, working as a part-time nanny or babysitter could be the job for you! What’s great about these jobs is the hours are usually pretty flexible; nights, weekends, and afternoons during the weekday are usually in high demand. You also get the added bonus of an hourly rate average of about $16; the more experience you get with children, the more you may be able to charge your clients, as well.


What could be a better side-job than tutoring children (and sometimes adults) while you are in school yourself? The hours are very flexible for a part-time job like this, plus you have the added bonus of obtaining some of the jobs online with tutoring websites. The average hourly rate for tutors? A whopping $40!

Dog Walker

If you can’t get enough of our furry friends, and need something with flexible hours for extra cash, dog walking may be for you! Many sites these days can connect you with potential clients, and the average hourly rate for a dog walker is a not-too-shabby $20.


Probably the most well-known and worked part-time job by college students is serving tables at a restaurant. The hours are usually outside of school hours, and depending on the restaurant and location the pay and tips can be pretty good.


Acting as a host/hostess at a restaurant can also be a great opportunity for a college student since the hours are nights and weekends usually and the hourly rate average is $9.62.


An orderly assists medical staff in a variety of doctor and hospital settings. This can be a particularly useful job for a medical student to gain some experience. The average pay for an orderly is currently $12.30.


If you like numbers and are keen on math, this may be a good part-time job for you! Bookkeeping jobs can be abundantly available with businesses looking for relatively inexpensive ways to keep their budgets balanced and books on track. The hourly rate average for a position like this is a cool $20.

Customer Service

If you are looking for flexible part-time work, enjoy problem-solving, and like talking to people - give customer service a try! These days, there is an abundance of work-from-home customer service positions as well. This means you could take calls in your PJ’s and hop right into studying when you’ve completed your shift! Currently, the average hourly rate for a customer service position is $19, which isn’t too bad considering all you need is a phone and your laptop!

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